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Aikido Jinsei by Gozo Shioda

Walking With The Master

by Jacques Payet

ISBN 978-0-2285-0319-4
202 PAGES, 6" x 9" SOFT COVER

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Uchideshi provides readers with an inside look at the live-in training program at the Yoshinkan Aikido headquarters during the first half of the 1980s. Under the direction of Shioda Gozo, himself a pillar of modern Aikido, Payet recounts all of the daily hardships, as well as the pleasures, associated with this unique type of training. Uchideshi is a gem that welcomes readers onto the mat right alongside the author. Reading Uchideshi, you will learn Payet's key insights, dream his dreams, and endure his pain. This is a unique perspective not available anywhere else.

Uchideshi - along with Aikido Shugyo and Aikido Jinsei - are indispensable reading for anyone interested in the history of Yoshinkan Aikido and the life of Shioda Gozo, one of the most dynamic martial artists of recent time.

As I look back on it now, it seems to me that the hardships we encountered during those days were good for us. They were the days of the Koganei Era, the days through which we silently endured our training, clinging steadfastly to our passion for Aikido, even through less than fortunate conditions. Those were also the days in which we find Payet Shihan's origins.

Watching Payet Shihan today, I feel he is the personification of Shioda Gozo in Kyoto. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the embodiment of real technique. What is more, I feel he is bringing the true Yoshinkan style to Kyoto -- the very thing that we studied together in the Koganei Era.


Ando Tsuneo
Aikido Yoshinkan
Shuseki Shihan

Jacques Payet is the founder and chief instructor of the Mugenjuku Dojo as well as the Mugenjuku Kenshusei program, both based in Kyoto, Japan. He holds the rank of 8th Dan, Shihan, within the Yoshinkan Aikido organization. He is also the co-translator of Aikido Shugyo and Aikido Jinsei -- two significant works by his teacher, Shioda Gozo.

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